Finding a Smyrna Plumber

All to many times we are asked, “What is the price?” And we reply with, “We can set up a time to diagnose the problem.” Homeowners are to quick to pick the cheapest plumber that gives them the lowest plumbing price over the phone. I have to ask, Quality VS. Cost? We are not the cheapest plumbers near Smyrna, Ga. but we are efficient and will be honest about your repair.

Scenario #1: Hiring the Plumber that gives the price over the phone:                                                       Local Plumbers give prices over the phone of $550 for a water heater replacement and that includes the plumber providing the water heater. Local Plumber gets to your home and finds a multitude of things “NOT UP TO CODE”, and you end up paying $1200 for services that might or might not have needed to be done. What has happened is the cheapest plumber gave you a price to get “their foot in the door” and in the end you still paid the same price or worst case the plumber got there and the water heater didn’t need to be replaced but serviced and you paid for a new hot water heater $1200 VS. service $285.

So, we are asking all the homeowners in Smyrna, “What price are you willing to pay? What are you really paying for?” Call us now (678) 355-9181