Waterline Repair

In an emergency it is not always best to wait for an emergency plumber to arrive. Having a professional, licensed emergency plumber make waterline leak repairs, make repairs to leaky faucets, or running toilets is the best choice. How to diagnose a main water line leak outside your home:

#1. Check all plumbing fixtures for any leaking or dripping faucets, any running toilets, and dripping showers. If none are found proceed to #2.

#2. Shut the water off inside the home at the main shut off valve.

#3. Go to the meter box located outside your house and locate your meter. Check the meter to see if the small dial is spinning.

#4. If the meter is spinning you have a leak on the main waterline going from the meter to the house. If the meter is NOT spinning then the leak is inside the home.

When you are ready, call on the Professional Plumbers to fix your leak inside or outside your home.

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