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Water Heaters Installation and Repair in the Atlanta Area

Is your Hot Water Heater not delivering hot water as efficiently as it used too?

Is it leaking or have corrosion?
Or is it just showing it’s age?
Batylin Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning can help.

Whether your water heater is just in need of some minor repairs or you are looking to enjoy the benefits and cost saving of a new hot water heater, we can help you select one that fits your budget and your needs.
Which Type of Hot Water Heater fits Your Needs?

Water Heater technology is progressing at a quick pace. Even just a few years ago, the choice of which water heater centered on which brand of reservoir water heater and what size. Not anymore.

There are traditional hot water heaters, tankless water heaters, water heaters specifically created for their energy efficiency, and recirculating pumps that provide effortless and instant hot water on demand.

Hot Water Heater Types

Here are just a few of the types of hot water heaters. Which one is for you? That depends on your lifestyle and your needs. Please call today to consult with one of our experts. Standard Gas or Electric Reservoir Hot Water Heater

The standard reservoir hot water heater seen in most homes. It comes in gas and electric versions with various size of water reservoir determined by water need.
Improved reservoir gas Hot Water Heater with “nonstop hot water” in sizes usually up to 75 gallon. The water heating is improved to meet the “nonstop” feature.
Hybrid reservoir Electric Hot Water Heaters which are more efficient
Tankless Hot Water Heater. Please see our Tankless Hot Water page to learn more about tankless water heater advantages and options.
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